dudesnude accessing dudesnude via HTTPS (secure access)

all logins are now processed through an encrypted HTTPS connection, this ensures your login details aren't vulnerable to network eavesdropping and that the page you are entering your login details really is dudesnude.com. after login, the remainder of your session is unencrypted - provided you aren't accessing the site via a public network or wifi hotspot this is unlikely to be a problem and remains our recommended means of accessing the site. to make sure you are benefiting from secure login, make sure you bookmark the HTTPS version of the login page on https://dudesnude.com/login.php.

given that encryption significantly increases page loading times, our general position is that unencrypted connections are 'fit for purpose' on a site of this type, which (due to it's nature of facilitating sharing and interaction with strangers) you should already not be using to post or share sensitive information. a normal unencrypted connection is still relatively secure unless you are logging in on an un-trusted public network such as a public wifi hotspot, even then we highly doubt there will be anyone on the network interested in hacking your dudesnude account (the situation would be different if we were an online banking site). in 14 years of operation, we do not know of a single instance of someone's dudesnude account being hacked through eavesdropping their normal http connection.

however, members who pay the support fee have the option of using HTTPS for their entire session, this provides protection of your data from eavesdropping and also protects your connection against hijack. in order to use this feature, simply tick the 'use HTTPS?' tickbox at login. selecting this option will significantly slow your access to the site down, so we recommend only using it when you have a good reason to believe the extra protection may be useful, such as when accessing the site via a public wifi hotspot.

for performance reasons, the default setting for HTTPS sessions is to encrypt all page data and web site code, but to leave images (including thumbnails) and videoclips unencrypted. this means that whilst your data and session is protected as above, someone eavesdropping on your network could see the URLs of any image and video files you access, so they will have some idea of what pictures you are looking at. in this mode, your browser won't display the encrypted 'padlock' icon for pages which contain images, but rest assured all data apart from images in pages loaded via a HTTPS URL is encrypted.

as an extra option, full page and image encryption is available by selecting 'Encrypt images and videos when serving via HTTPS' in settings / Site settings, this will cause all data including images and videos to be encrypted, as signified by the browser 'padlock' icon you should see against each page. unfortunately, pages will load much more slowly with this option selected, which may significantly degrade your experience of the site.

note that even with this option selected, someone eavesdropping on your network still knows you are browsing dudesnude, your network connections to our server IP address gives this away. because of this, they already have a good idea of the nature of content you are looking at, which is why we feel in most situations it adds no value to select 'Encrypt images and videos when serving via https', given that doing this will degrade page loading times so significantly.

please note that the webcam chatroom page is always served over an encrypted http connection.

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